Keeping Up Appearances

In the world of business, as in life, itself, appearances can be deceptively important. Appearances can express much more quickly than words, or even actions, what you, or business, is about, and so great care must be taken to cultivate that appearance. Your outward appearance needs to project trustworthiness and competence to your clients or customers in order to make your business thrive, so here are a few tips to reach that lofty goal.

First and foremost, your business, itself, may need a facelift of sorts. All advertising, whether on or off site, needs to be inviting and informative. You want your clients or customers to feel like they can approach you, while simultaneously making it crystal clear what products you produce or what services you provide. Even your company’s name, logo, and slogan must get across to your customer base what it is you do and that you’re worth trusting with that task.

If you’re running a business, you ought to look like it. The head of a company should be dressed as such, and that means a suit or, in a more casual business environment, a dress shirt and slacks. This is the creme de la creme of business attire, after all. Your suit, or slacks, need to be a neutral color, such as black, dark blue, brown, or grey, as anything to vibrant may send the wrong message to potential customers and clients.

Lastly, your employees should be expected to adhere to a dress code. While your first impulse is going to be businesswear, this may not be the best fit. Something more casual will create a more relaxed environment, and relaxation means productivity, so consider something a bit less stuffy, like the offerings of Ann Taylor, to keep it classy without feeling restrictive and hurting morale.