Top Questions To Ask Recruiters About Acquiring Talent

In Texas, staffing agencies assign recruiters to employers looking for new talent. These recruiters work toward the ultimate goal of finding the most appropriate candidate for the position. They must screen the candidates according to state and federal laws. The following are top questions to ask Recruiters about acquiring talent.

How Do Employers Gain Access to New Talent?

They contact a recruiting agency and start a contract to find new talent that has been screened already. The recruiters acquire information about the candidates they need. They use this information to match existing candidates with employers who need a new staff now.

Can They Hire the Workers on a Temporary Basis?

Yes, employers have the option to choose temporary hires to evaluate their job performance. Instead of hiring the worker on a full-time basis, they provide a reduced pay rate through the recruiting agency. If they worker isn’t the right match, they can request a new candidate. Temporary assignments help them to find a better candidate without the immediate commitment.

What Happens If They Decide to Hire them Full-Time?

If the business owner hires the temporary worker on a full-time basis, they must pay a fee to the staffing agency. Once they hire the employee, they start the ninety-day probationary period. The candidate may receive the exact pay for a full-time worker during this time. However, their recruiter can help them acquire a better employment contract.

What Happens if the Placement Doesn’t Work Out?

If the owner has hired the employee on a full-time basis and a problem arises, they can terminate them. However, the contract secured through the staffing agency may require them to keep the worker for the first ninety days. The reason for the termination cannot be based on discrimination. The employer must provide a valid reason that is based on their employment policies and follow all federal and state laws.

In Texas, all staffing agencies must provide detailed information about potential candidates. Employers who are looking for temporary or permanent employees must request information that is not based on discriminatory practices. Business owners who want acquire services to find a candidate contact a recruiting agency now.