Trade Show and Conference Freebies: Why Custom USB Drives Make Sense

One of the great things about attending a conference or trade show is visiting all the exhibits set up by different vendors. Along with information about the goods and services they offer, there are bound to be giveaway items that can be useful in the future. Smart exhibitors make sure each of those giveaway items are customized to include contact information about the companies they represent. When attempting to come up with Conference ideas in relation to those giveaways, it makes sense to consider USB drives. Here are some reasons why.

Everyone Uses Them

Even business professionals who make use of cloud storage still keep a USB drive or two on hand. They serve as a quick and easy way to back up everything from images to presentations to contract templates. Even if those files are still residing on a laptop or tablet, having them copied to a USB drive means that even if something happens to the original, the copy can be accessed without the need for an Internet connection.

Many Designs to Consider

Today’s USB drives come in a variety of designs. Some sport a simple look that includes a cap. Others have a retractable feature that many people find helpful. It’s also possible to purchase drives that come with some type of key chain attached, or that will easily connect to a lanyard. All the exhibitor has to do is decide which design would appeal to the target audience most, order the right quantity, and make sure there’s room to display them along with the other goodies.

An Affordable Freebie

When purchasing customized USB drives in bulk, the price per unit will be much less than many people realize. In fact, that unit price is likely to be a little less than the cost of other free items. When the plan is to offer event attendees something they will use regularly and still keep the expense of exhibiting within a budget, this is a great solution.

If there’s an event coming up soon, spend some time investigating USB drives and their potential to draw attention to the exhibit booth. The result will be more connections made and higher potential to convert some of those connections to active customers.